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Web site started
July 4, 2005

  Plt. 349 USMCRD
San Diego, CA



About This Web Site

From Vern Smith
This website was established to allow the free exchange of remembrances and experiences of Marines that signed the dotted line, then took an oath over forty-seven years ago to preserve, protect and defend this Nation and its Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

We have long since been released from active duty, but we have never been released from that oath.

In 1958, we were recruits of Third Battalion, Platoon 349, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego. We received our training under the watchful eyes of Staff Sergeant, C.W. Connell; Senior Drill Instructor, Sergeant E. Cockrell; Junior Drill Instructor Sergeant, J.K. Beltz..

Few of us have remained in touch over these many years and then over two years ago contacts began to be reestablished. We owe most of the success of this investigative work to the forward thrust of Doug Shurtleff and his wife, Linda.

 From Doug Shurtleff
A friend of mine who had been on the National USMCR Pistol team and lived in Billings, Mt. called me one day, and said he had been talking to a friend of his. This friend mentioned that he had been in boot camp in 1958. Turned out to be Bob Brazier and we began calling each other once in a while as Bob lived in Southern Montana and the internet hadn't been invented there yet.

Bob Brazer
and Doug Shurtleff 

Later as I was looking over a USMC web site I happened to see an
article written by Vern, that he had submitted. We began e-mailing back and forth, and learned that he was still in contact with Jim Rice and Wally Shoults.
Jim Rice and Vern Smith
Vern Smith and Wally Shoults
Shortly after that, I was reading Leatherneck Magazine and saw a letter to the editor about Platoon 349 qualifying 100% at the rifle range signed by C. W. Connell. Linda was and is still doing genealogy and managed to find his address and phone number. I called, had a long chat with the Gunny then immediately notified Bob, Vern, Wally and Jim.

From Paul Prosise
When Doug and Linda emailed me asking if I was from the 349 platoon I about fell off my chair. Luckily I'm into doing web sites and offered to put one up for the old platoon, and it just has been growing from there. A special thanks to my son, Jeff Prosise, for letting us use space on his server for the 349er web site.

There are still more out there somewhere and you are urged to see if you can bring another 349er into the fold. Don't give up trying to locate that missing former sharer of Quonset huts.

Remember the boot camp saying, "Good thing you're not a Marine yet, because when a Marine quits, HE'S DEAD."

Semper Fidelis