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July 4, 2005

  Plt. 349 USMCRD
San Diego, CA


 Marines We Will Miss

John A. Sebring (Lt.)
 30July69 "My dad, John Austin Sebring, left the Corps as a 1st Lt.  He was born in Tannersville, PA on November 7, 1931.  He died in Syracuse, NY from brain tumors resulting from Hodgkins Disease on July 30, 1969 at the age of 37.  He was survived by a wife, Marolyn, and three daughters, Karen, Linda, and myself.   I believe he joined the Marine Corps in 1953 after his college graduation from East Stroudsburg University, in northeast PA.  He began his service at Parris Island, SC.  He was stationed in FL, TX and eventually CA, with a few overseas trips to Japan and nearby islands.  My Dad was honorably discharged from the Corps (for medical reasons; he was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease) in 1960.  At that time, his doctors told him that he had about 9 months to live, but he lived 9 more years.  After discharge from the Marine Corps, my family moved from San Diego back to northeast PA, where my parents had grown up and where both sets of my grandparents still lived.  I am proud to say that I was born in San Diego in 1958 while my dad was stationed there; in fact, my full name is Julie Marine Sebring".  

 Clarence W. Connell (Gunney)

 14Mar07  Richland Hills, TX

 Ernest  Cockrell (Sgt/Capt)

 Alameda, Ca. (buried at Riverside, CA)
 Roger D. Abbott
 16Sep03  Ft. Wayne, Indiana (have obit)

 Robert W. Ament
 12Nov02  Starksville, MS

 C. DeWitt (Dee) Bayes
"Dee" is what he was known by, and he worked in the industrial-size pump business most of his career, and just before he died was on the verge of some substantial success, having developed a unique pumping set-up for large buildings . . . it was getting lots of interest and purchases.  Sad . . . he had cancer, but, probably due to his life-long smoking habit . . . remember in our day, they would GIVE us these miniature smokes pkgs as a "favor" to us ( here, have fun nailing another spike in your coffin, son).  Remember that?  Strange."

See: A 349er Out in the Middle of Nowhere

 Alameda, CA

Ronald J. Black

 Edward J. Brehm
 27Oct70  Spokane, WA (cancer - have seen obit)
Darryl Collins "58 USMCDarryl Collins 2008 USMC Reunion

Darryl Collins '58        Photo 2008 Reunion             


 Kansas City, KS (Emphysema)

 Gary A. Dalziel
 7Dec03  Alhambra, CA

Jim Fitzpatrick

 Robert L. Frazier
 15Jul00  Austin, TX    
Roger L. Gaff



I want to let you know that Roger Gaff passed away on October 10, 2014.  His health had been failing over the past six years.

Shirley Gaff
Arbie Gillaspie    Arbie Gillaspie
Arbie Gillaspie




Wanted you to know Arbie passed away last night.  I am so glad we made the trip to SD for the reunion.  It meant so much to him.  Thanks for everything.

  Coos Bay, OR

 Ralph M. Henschen
  6Sep05  Ellenwood, GA (spoke w/daughter)

 James L. Hunt
 11Jan01 ?  Leslie, MI

 G. W. Johnson

 Jerry L. Keller
 17Dec94  Rector, ARK

 James R. Martin
 12Aug01  Ohio

 Everett B. Morgan
 1Nov 93  Reno, NV

 Thomas R. Parenti
 12Feb66  Jefferson County, Ark.

 Warner D. Seeger
 26Sep98  Manchester, N. H. (have seen obit)

 Ernest N. White

Herman Carl Wiese




"My brother, Herman Wiese, died suddenly a year or so after boot camp.  I also went through bootcamp at MCRD in 1966 as my older son did later on".

Virgil P Wiese
USMC Class of 1966


 San Diego, CA

 James L. Wilson
  9Arp00  Houston, TX

The above names match names which are in the Platoon 349 recruit training book. Linda researched the SSI Death Index and found the above.
Dates of birth were 1939/1940 and could be former members of Platoon 349.
Sorry for any errors or omissions. If any of you have corrections or additions please contact Doug or Linda Shurtleff.